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and now it starts .. last weekend, my invitations were finally finished |thanks chesa for the bows and to kris for stuffing| and what i had is now sent.. however, i’m still gathering the last few addresses i need but all should be sent out by end of next week..

i also wanted to unveil sam and my website… samuanie .. we actually started working on our website a while ago, but never really finalized it until a couple of weeks ago.. i’m planning to keep my wedding related blogs on that site rather than here so visit there if you’re interested.. it also has a lot of information |details, maps, etc| as well as an rsvp functionality we’re trying out..

another wedding related site |compliments of my sister chesa| is a bridesmaid’s diary .. the site is to help faciliate some of the planning and make things easier on us..

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  • hey steph …. glad to hear that your wedding preparations is going smoothly. so, when is the big day?

  • steph!!!… sowee haven’t been around much to help out during the weekends when you guys are home…  i have some weekends in may that might be free… otherwise, it’s july cuz june’s all packed with work unfortunately… *sigh… let me know when you’re coming home k?!.. God bless!

  • thanks kristine.. the wedding’s on august 7th.. only a few months left..

    hey reen.. i’m not sure when i’ll be home again.. at latest, i’ll be home memorial day weekend.. just give me a call when you get a chance..

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