May 13th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   7 Comments

Well..   another week in the US for me.  Its been very busy here at work..  so I haven’t had time to write much.   So what’s going on with me?   I sent some invitations out to my friends to come to the wedding..  already a few have said they cannot go..  but others said they will be there.   so should be interesting.  

the good news is that i havent been bugged much by the folks in  toronto for silly questions..  I guess my team is trying to learn how to cope without me while I am down here.   I’ve had a few odd ballers message me.

Stuck in the hotel.. I must say..   Baseball Tonight is a very interesting show…   i like the reporting..   but I must admit..  the hockey reporting sucks..  guess in a sense..  i am bias towards watching the hockey games on CBC.  

anyhow..   will be catching up with Stephanie, Marchesa, and Perze tomorrow..   we’re going to try and catch Troy…   depending when the times are..  I am so excited..  my first double date.     I hope with four people..   i will get loss in the shuffle and I don’t get stuck with the bill. =)

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  • double dates are funnn…. hehe… tho it’s been a while for me.. but from what i remember, they usually are… then again, i got used to being a 3rd wheel, which is fun also in itself.. haha…. 

  • woo hoo. it’s a good thing i was forced to read the Iliad and the Odessey this semester!

  • nah.. that wouldn’t be your first.. anyway.. it was a nice surprise that you were down here for work last week.. it’s your last trip before you move.. aren’t you excited?

  • whoo hoo… 9 more days until we get married..

  • for some reason, i have written down on my planner “sam’s bday” today…weird huh?? hahaha…


    GOD bless and enjoy another year of GOD’s blessings…

  • haffy birthday k.sam!!! i hope you had a memorable day! you know what else is memorable? today is also perze and my 2nd month anniversary.

  • happy birthday best friend in law..well belated now..hehe, take carez k?? God bless…

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