September 1st, 2004   Sam   Xanga   6 Comments

Hi everyone…   first post as a married man..    just wanted to post something here.

so it is not “looking for work” phase ..   so far i have done some interviews.. so went well ..  others were good too..   its this darn visa thing that seems to ruin it for me.   currently.. i have a friend in toronto that has called a few of his friends up to see what they have..   it may be as far away as Chicago..  which wouldn’t be so bad..  as anyplace is better than not working.  I still have to call a few folks up…   this one lady based out in San Fran..  a bit expensive to live out there..  but its always expensive when you have to get something.

so .. stephanie and i are still sofa-less..   that’s ok..   sitting on the floor like japanese people do, isn’t as bad as it sounds. =)  The furniture here is way more expensive then i originally thought it would be…  in fact the prices here are generally a bit pricier than that of Toronto (or Markham for that matter).  For example..  a sofa here would be $1700..  a comparable sofa would be $599 in Toronto.    Not to mention the groceries..   It would be $2/lb for sliced ham in Toronto..  but $6/lb here..  its outrageous!   But its not all bad here..   there are a few advantages to the US..  Long distance phone calls do not cost as much..  as they would in Canada.

anyhow..   back to looking for work.

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  • keep at it sam. i know things will come. i know one perk about being in the states…

    very sexy women…

  • Why didn’t you tell me you needed a couch, I have like 5 in my living room right now. 3 are mine, 2 are Raf’s we have so many couches we don’t know what to do with them! We got green ones, black ones, wood ones, leather ones. Couches lining the wall! Ok, might be expensive to mail on to you.

    As for there being sexy women in the US. This is true, but Canada is not exactly without. In fact, most women that the US idolizes are not even from the US, they are from everywhere else. But hey, your married, no point in thinking about that stuff. That’s my job.

  • Darren..   yes..  need a couch..  =)   how in the world did you fit 5 couches in your living room??  

    why dont you sell them??   you may get something for them.

  • happy anniversary, sweetheart..

  • belated happy aniversary … sweetheart

  • We have a old sofa that folds into a bed. Old I mean OLD! It is in London. If you can find a way to move it, it’s yours. Doubt it’s worth the effort though.

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