September 8th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

Ugh..  i can’t believe this..    so i work the crappy shifts here..   and now the team lead there wants me to work the weekends too..   not to mention the crappy shifts on the weekend.

so it is my fault that i did not tell them i can’t work this weekend..   but i said that i was unavailable..   so they said that i have to get my priorities straight and that the job i am in is 7×24..   i said it can be 7×24..  but i did not graduate from university to work a 7×24 job..  

i knew i should have stayed in Canada..   at least the job up there was higher pay, and i didn’t have to work off shifts.

the work is also just in case it gets busy..   i was at work last night..  just watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” and working on this one machine that would take a while to reload..  so there was nothing left to do.

i spent 4 hours looking for work..   1 hour on the phone with my sister..   and another few hours reading up on cars…   the job is cushiony..  but i am getting pretty tired that i have to be the first pick to work weekends all the time.  they offered to give me time off..  but i would have to take them during the week..  when all i can do is goof around at home by myself..  what’s the difference in going to work??  i might as well just go in.

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  • hang in there sam. just think that it’ll just get better.

  • thanks Perze..   hopefully it doesn’t get any worse.  had a long talk with my manager this AM..  and review wise for me it was great..  but the job outlook is horrible…  still hanging in there.

  • Thanks for the companionship while I was down there Sam. I am still a little annoyed that you did not let me talk to your wife over the phone. What is the worst that could happen?

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