June 6th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…it figures it would happen now…

well.. i am not a happy camper.. i’ve finally succumbed to a cold.. all winter, i’ve fought it valiantly, but i guess it was inevitable.. so now, i’m living off dayquil medicine and halls defense drops.. and to top it off, i have a major project that’s keeping me quite busy these days.. as well as a personal project of going apt hunting..

ah well.. just a few more weeks.. then the project will be done and i can have a little more time with the rest of the wedding details..

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  • aww… hope you feel better steph!…

  • sorry te, maybe you got it from me when you came home last week. i was sick too. bt good thing that it didn’t sstay too long…just a couple of days. now am ok. drink lots of fluids.

  • yeah.. i’ve taken to drinking honey w/hot water to soothe my throat.. and carrying the cough drops w/me wherever i go.. this is at least day 5 or so.. hopefully i get better soon.. but at least i can still sleep peacefully.. i’ve gotten blowing my nose down to an art.. hahahahaha

  • hi steph…aw i hope you feel better.  i know how you feel.  my allergies are so  bad this year.  i have cuts on my nose from blowing my nose so much.    take care ok?

  • awe ate steph.. i hope you feel better..

    guess what??? we finished lavender and ohhh my goodness i love it despite the sad ending.. but it was cool.. i really liked it thanks for lending me that one

  • hey steph.. hope ur feelin better.. sorry havent been able to get in touch with anyone lately.. ive had a million and one things to do everyday.. but i hope all is goin well with u..

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