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My son turned 3 months a few weeks back.. and I am proud to say he has made a few friends.. Mr. Lion is currently one of his closer friends.. while Mr. Snake (who looks like a bird).. is also a good friend… he also has a friend named Mr. Horse.. but i think my son feels Mr. Horse is a bit gay.

Other than that.. my son has been battling a cold for the last 9 to 10 days.. and though at times it looks like his spirits are down.. he always surprises me with a big smile and a good babble.

He’s an avid fan of U2.. as he is dancing to Vertigo.. and he likes Michael Buble’s “home”.. i think my son likes knowing he’s going to be home with his parents.. as he loves his mother-time.. and father-time..

His next milestone is to turn over.. which is very exciting.. because soon the weather will warm up .. and rolling down a nice grassy hill is a lot of fun. I am sure my son will like that. =)

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  • yes.. hong hong loves to play w/his kickstand and friends.. yesterday, i caught him chatting w/them quite a bit.. i wonder what their conversation was about.. anyway, he turned over twice yesterday.. very easily, so i tried to get him to do it a third time, but i think that was the limit as he wouldn’t do it.. ah well, we’ll keep putting him on tummy time..

  • yes.. he is a chatty little baby. =)

    he likes playing in the morning.. i like that a lot!

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