six months

July 17th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   3 Comments

…samsam’s half year…

It’s already mid July and it seems as if Summer’s quickly passing by. I’m not sure if it’s because my days/weeks/months are measured by Hong Hong’s age and development, but it seems as if I’m in fastforward mode sometimes. hh_month6 No wonder moms are always saying how time flies and suddenly their kids are adults with their own families. I have this picture that I will be saying that quicker than I think.

Anyway, Hong Hong is now six months old. We’ve been home two weekends in a row [which is quite rare] and we still get questions about his nickname so let me clarify. Sam’s family calls him Hong Jie, Hong Doi, or Hong Hong. My family calls him Samsam or Toto Sam. Sam tends to call him Hong Jie/Doi or double H while I usually go with wherever we are at the time.. ie. Hong Hong with Sam’s family, Samsam with mine.. or just bebe. I sometimes wonder if he’ll be confused with all his nicknames, but I guess it’s better that he hears all of them now so he can used to them quicker.

These days, he loves rolling around on his mat and playing with whatever is within his reach. We even bought him a toy piano in order to expose him to music early, but the other day I saw him playing it not with his hands, but with his chin. He likes to chew/bite on anything with his two bottom teeth and blows raspberries frequently. One new skill he’s learned is that when someone claps at him, he makes it easier to be picked up by lifting his arms or leaning towards you. It’s especially noticeable when he’s frustrated in his exersaucer or crib cause he really wants to be picked up.

The other big thing is that he’s started to eat solids. We initiated him to solids with rice cereal which he was very ready for and are now moving on to vegetables. Considering how I love sweets, we’re going to wait on fruits as we’d like to encourage a love of veggies before introducing him to sweeter food. He hasn’t seemed to really enjoy green beans as evinced by a grimace the first time he tried it, but it’s getting better. I think he likes that at least there is some taste to it, as he is a trooper and still opens his mouth for more.

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  • dude, that’s totally reminiscent of an amelie chan face!  he’s so cute te…good photo op.

  • oh steph he’s so cute…

  • hahah. i get to see samsam this weekend. i bought him caboodles of stuff to sport his pogi-ness

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