October 11th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   9 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!!   As you guessed it..  today is Thanksgiving in Canada..  and Stephanie and I had a small thanksgiving dinner.  I didn’t have work today, so I got a chance to rest for thanksgiving.  =)

My nieces have been trying to behave as they think that the reason why I am not playing with them is because they are misbehaving.   Amelia says to her baby sister.. “We have to be good, or uncle won’t come over and play.”

this past weekend, Stephanie and I celebrated our 2nd month of marriage together..  and it has been absolutely wonderful.   Work has been tough on us..  but we’ve tried our best to spend weekends together.

Currently waiting for my papers to get processed for my US Permanent residency.   We got the document for fingerprinting request, so Stephanie and I will get that done…  and hopefully this will be processed quickly..  and I can get to visit my family again. 

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  • don’t worry sweetie.. first chance we get, we’ll go to Canada..

  • sam, did my sis have to go with you to get her fingerprinting as well? cuz perze already did that last week and didn’t mention the need for my prints…

    ok. just wondering.

    also, i really hope amelia is ok. she says the simplest and most profound things. i really hope i’m not disillusioned and you’re not the one who really come up with these cute phrases instead of her! 

  • ps- happy thanksgiving. also, happy columbus day! haha

  • hahaha.. anyway.. i don’t recall anything saying i will have to get my fingerprints done as well.. sam just meant i will be going w/him.. sam’s not as skilled as i driving and reading the map at the same time..

  • Marchesa..  Amelia hasn’t been inquiring about me as much… but my sister (Amelia’s mom) continues to use my name to tell her that I won’t visit if she doesn’t behave herself.

    hopefully the finger printing is all they need from me.

  • poor amelia. tell her to learn her reading so she can move to america with her uncle.

  • hey k.sam! it was nice seeing you this past saturday. i hope there weren’t anymore racist happenings for the remainder of your stay here. happy thanksgiving!

  • They are making you do fingerprints?! Thats not good, what if they find out that you are really spiderman! or worse yet Jose Canseco?

  • Kristie..   racist happenings??   no..  but we had another incident at the hotel where the wedding was held.  =)   the wedding was nice though..  so the troubles were well worth it.

    hehe..  Darren..   spiderman..   that would be cool..  I won’t mind a job taking pictures and delivering pizza..   not to mention I can climbs walls. =)

    As for Jose Canseco..  he does have a ferrari and made a lot of money during his playing days. =)

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