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here we go again..

went to get my New York State driver license today..   to trade in my Ontario license.   This is the only way i can get insurance here in the US to drive a car.   So how did my experience go?  ..  well.. if I am posting about it..  it was either strange or it just didn’t go.

I went to the DMV with all my IDs, and it looks like I do not qualify due to the fact that people that work at DMVs are either born stupid..  or idiots.  

They didn’t like my Canadian passport, as my I-94 record is not good enough for them.   They want an updated one, which I will not get until I get that finger printing stuff out of the way.  So looks like I am further delayed in getting any license.  Also, it seems like in this country..  the name Sam and Samuel are not the same..  they are in fact two different names..  see..  Sam is actually short for the name Samwise..  like Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings..  and Samuel is actually the long name for the short name Samu…  as in the wrestler in ECW.   So I guess I have to update a few of my records to have my full name, or as they say..   my real name and not a nickname.  I also wonder why they were shouting at me (not angrily)..  Do I look like I don’t speak english?  Perhaps I do not speak american.

Gosh..  when they call it an “alien” card, the US sure certainly knows how to alienate someone.  I continue to feel like a stranger in this country.   Perhaps I am just paranoid..   as I do feel that at times I can actually enjoy living here, but those ideas are quickly thwarted when I encounter a situation that seems backward.   Anyhow..   I guess I have to wait a bit more.

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  • It is not like Canada is free from problems like that. Remember that Raj’s wife had to wait over a year before she could come to Canada because they got married over seas. If they married here, then she would not have had to wait. Crazy world, both sides of the boarder.

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