October 20th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

So now I have a NYS license..   they even took my Ontario License to boot..   I should be getting the actual sometime soon.

Had a long conversation with my mother …  over my status in the US..  my family is wondering how the job hunt is going..  and how stephanie is doing.

anyhow..  i am going to get back to work.

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  • hey.. so one less thing on our list of things to do.. but the list still seems endless, eh?  i’m glad your family may visit though..

  • congrats sam. i know it gets frustrating…but praise God!

  • yes..   one less thing to do..     well..  at least the NYS license is temporary until we settle someplace.

    marchesa..    frustrating is the best part of dealing with idiots here..   at least thru God’s guidance..   He knows what’s right for Steph and me..   and the Red Sox won!   so you know He’s watching too.

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