getting ready

August 4th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   10 Comments

the wedding is fast approaching… as of right now, there is 3 days 11 hours 27 minutes and 50 seconds left until the wedding..

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  • thanks steph=) i hope i get one of these so i dont have to interview in C round during my break =\ see u this weekend

  • nervous?

  •   see you on friday steph!

  • hey steph congrats to you and sam on your upcoming wedding. hope we can be there with you guys on the big day. our church sportsfest in on that day and vbs in next week. so have fun!! take care and GB

  • hey chesa.. no, i’m not nervous.. there’s really no time to be nervous.. running around trying to do too many things at once..

    chelle.. 🙂

    thanks kristine.. 

  • dats sooo kul u kno da time..for xcitin?! i tink so..hmm cant wait till i get married..hahaha sure! tak carez ateh steph!

  • hey steph, just dropping a line to give my blessings for tommorow’s wedding… have a great wedding you two … God bless you and sam!!! -k-

  • Congrats.! You go gurl! You did it 🙂 Now comes the fun part … honeymooning 😉 may you honeymoon through your lifetime!

    Have fun! and congrats.!

  • congratulations again to you & sam! may God will cont to shower His blessing upon ur marriage life.

  • hi steph…how was your honeymoon??  i can’t believe there was a hurricane there.  talk to u later…

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