august 19th

August 19th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   3 Comments

…happy 29th birthday, sam…

i know it’s been a week and a half since the wedding, i’ve been planning to blog.. even just to consolidate the pictures we have.. but i haven’t gotten a chance as we were having wonderfun-activity-filled days in south jersey and have only been in fishkill for 2 days.. we’ve been trying to unpack everything and get things all settled.. today, we finally committed to some furniture.. now, all we need is a sofa.. 

i will have to blog more when i have more time.. but i just wanted to wish sam a very happy birthday .. our first birthday as a married couple.. i love you, sam!

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  • ooop! someone is getting older! hehhe. happy bday sam! and may God will continue to bless both of you!

  • i love you too sam! happy birthday to you! maybe today you could get a new cake since darielle and camille finished yours hahaha…

    have an awesome time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  tell my sister to take you out.

  • happy birthday sam!

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