November 11th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   8 Comments

ok.. here is something very very very unusual.. I got to work .. and sat down to have a small smack .. M&Ms.. I have my water.. and the peanut type M&Ms.. when I opened the M&Ms.. I reached in .. and grabbed a few at a time.. I just so happened grabbed 3.. but not just any three.. I grabbed three blue M&Ms.. What are the odds on getting three consecutive blue M&Ms?? i decided to count the number of M&Ms in this bag.. and I got the following..

Red: 10

Orange: 9

Yellow: 6

Green: 8

Brown: 6

Blue: 19

.. now I don’t feel as special.. I thought I had some special power to draw out the blue candy.

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  • too bad sam. imagine if you did have that power?  imagine just what you could do with it…


    nope, don’t know…

  • hahahahaha..

  • i jus read your blog and wrote “wats the odd [probability]…” then i thought about my probability and statistics class….ARGH! i dun like that class..hahah but yeah, i think i know how to do this “problem” …. what’s the probability that sam will get a blue m&m in a m&m bag… hahahaha

  • hahahahaha….

  • sam you’re so funny

  • err.. is the answer 33% or 1/3?

  • sam, J*trade will take place the 26th just for you guys. so you guys are ok. and are on the list….

  • Marchesa..    wait a minute..  you said its happening on the 26th “just for you guys”  as in Stephanie and me??    so I know I am getting Stephanie’s gift.. and she is getting mine?      Where’s the fun in that?  =)

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