August 25th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   4 Comments

…a nice little something from the past…

ever since i started building up my dvd collection, i’ve been on the lookout for shows/movies i really enjoyed watching.. and one of those i always wanted was the miniseries… north & south .. it’s always eluded me and i was giving up hope that they would ever put it on dvd cause it’s so old.. but tonight i was looking around and amazingly enough, i found it.. sam and i are saving but this is now #1 on my wishlist.. sam, being the understanding husband that he is, has ok’d the purchase.. whoo hoo..

i spent soooo much time recording the series when it was televised .. i think we ended up with 6 or so vhs tapes.. all of which was greatly watched by my family |including my grandfather|.. it was that great a series..  my mom was even asking about our vhs copy the other day.. how cool that we can actually have the complete dvd collection.. all 3 parts in 5 dvds.. i feel like such a little kid !! 

other things to watch:
the grudge  – 10.22.2004
memoirs of a geisha  – winter 2005

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  • what’s this about dvd north and south..   I thought you were referring to the best series ever.. *M*A*S*H*..   about north and south.. Korea!    You always watch those korean shows..

    i am so discombobulated.

  • te, that’s a nice profile picture!

  • yah steph i like your profile pic.  i remember when we were little and i used to go to your house.  you’d make me watch north & south with you. 

  • Oh my ! i totally love that series too… i had been looking for it everywhere! thank God… it’s on dvd 🙂 (i want that and b.h. 90210 on dvd) hehe

    you look stunning honey in your wedding 🙂 all the best of happiness to your marriage 🙂



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