December 2nd, 2004   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

more news.. looks like I will be out earlier than expected. =( Also.. spoke to my niece Amelia.. she has stopped drinking her milk because she states that she won’t drink until i come home to play with her. So laid one of her guilt trips on me.. by saying why haven’t I come home… and was it because she has been bad. That little girl needs a hug. too bad I cannot be there to give her one.

finally broke the 1000 mile mark on my car.. I have to buy some car care products.. the stuff i have been looking at is the Meguiars stuff, however since I am picky.. I may have to review the products in a bit more detail. So far, the NXT Generation Starter Kit is looking to be the right product.

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  • I can give her a hug if you really want. I am good at hugs. Ask anyone at work. As for the milk, I heard that the pasturization process of milk helps to increase alergies in children. One of those consperaciy things. I drank milk when I was a kid and I have allergies, my friend did not and he does not have any allergies. He is also shorter than me, and bald, and doesn’t bruse. Meh.

  • i’ll give her a big hug too k.sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  she’s always welcome to play with me .

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