happy birthday

August 26th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

…on your 25th birthday…

happy birthday to my little sister, chesa, as she turns 25 today.. she’s been such a blessing to me.. and it’s awesome to see God’s hand in her life and her obvious love for Him..

thanks day for all the times we had.. the long drives filled w/coffee and good conversation, our talks before going to sleep, all the silly conversations and laughter, and especially all your help and support.. i love you, day.. i wish all the good things for your life.. happy birthday..

please greet her here

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  • thank you for the bday blog te…too bad you and ksam couldn’t have been here…but that’s ok… thanx also again for the call!

  • np chesa.. sorry we couldn’t be w/you to celebrate.. but we definitely were thinking of you.. hope it was a great day.. heard you got the men cooking for you..

  • hi steph…how are you and sam?  we missed you at the retreat…

  • hey ateh steph! thanx for da advice..hehe..l0l..tak carez nd God Bless..

  • hi steph .. hows married life?? and new york life?? hope to hear from you .. take care and GB

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