December 11th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

alright..   stuck at work for this weekend..  Christmas is getting closer..  and my family will be here next weekend.

Christmas shopping should be almost complete..   I got most of the shopping done early..  and strange part is..  i have to get it at odd ball hours of the day..  I hope you guys like stuff from Wal-Mart..   its the only 24 hour store around my work..   someone will be getting some dvds for $5.50..  who likes the movie Little Big Leagues?   maybe someone would like this tasty candy bar..  or that checkout counter magazine..

j*trade is going to be so much fun..    I know someone will love the 6 pack of redbull! =)

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  • LOLS. that’s messed up sam…………

  • ahhhh WAL*MART – who cares about 400+ pound customers blocking aisles, screaming babies, and mullets as far as the eye can see – when you can save an extra eight cents on your bottle of shampoo?

    but I’m glad you’re looking forward to j*trade – just wait till you see all the “twists” that have still yet to be revealed…        >:)

    btw:  you and steph keep up the great work with the Old Spice product line – i’m a big fan

  • so there is going to be a twist..
    There will be a board room.. and we get to vote on it.. Who will get the final rose? can’t wait.. only a few more days away! =)

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