September 7th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   9 Comments

…happy one month anniversary…

i just have a few minutes to update so i’ll have to do some more later, but just wanted to say happy one month anniversary to my husband.. 🙂 sorry we don’t have much time together today, but i’m thinking of you..

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  • great lay out te!

    i forgot to greet you…but it was on my calendar!  it’s a special day…don’t forget to flirt

  • thanks chesa..

  • one month anniversary .. =)   yes..   it is too bad i am stuck at work during the evenings.. and you are at work during the days..    oh well..   hopefully i find something that will allow us to be together..  hmm..  ever thought about opening a chinese karaoke bar??

  • aww… sweetness… happy one month!

  • happy one month steph & sam

  • belated happy one month! stupid palm, i need to program it so that it would greet for me as well, not just “remind” me.

    hope you two had a great time together no matter how small the timeframe was.

  • thanks everyone..

  • They say that the first few months of a marrage is the hardest or the easiest. I guess we know which one it is for you guys 😉

    What does not kill you can only make you stronger.

  • hahaha.. seriously.. that’s what i was thinking.. we were tested early.. but that’s ok.. it’s good to know we can count on each other..

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