December 15th, 2004   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

Alright..    another day at work..  its a bit quiet..  but I just finished my dinner. =)

Did the thing that was posted on Marchesa’s xanga…   looks like I am a 3..  which means ….

You Are the Achiever
You’re confident and competent – with a lot of energy.Eager to reach your goals, you are aambitious and competitive.You are good at movtivating yourself and motivating others.You’re also a charmer, with a great sense of humor.

So what new?   got a few more gifts in the mail..  my family is coming down from Toronto to visit..  so I am very excited over that.   I hope all goes well.. and I get to spend time with them.

Still waiting for the papers to get processed.  I hate the fact that I will be jobless..  and starting over again.   Looked at starting salaries for some jobs.. and it isn’t pretty.   can’t do much about that now.  

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  • you definately are a 3 ksam.

    as far as your family visiting, i can imagine the excitement!! i know how much your sisters and parents miss you…who wouldn’t miss your sense of humor?

    and the job thing, it’ll be ok…maybe it could be a good thing for now since you have time with the mrs for the holidays .  bake her cookies…she loves chocolate chips.

  • I like chocolate chip as well. bake me some while you are at it.

  • Marchesa.. yes.. from I/T mogul to baking cookies for a living.. I don’t think I would like that career move. =) but if I design a computer to baked the cookies.. something electronic that can bake a cookie.. that would be a goldmine. darn it.. its called a oven.. but what if it was fast!! and smaller?? double darn! a microwave. looks like this cookie idea isn’t going to work. =)

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