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I am terribly confused..  I have gone thru my apartment inside out..   and I cannot seem to find where Stephanie hid my Christmas present.    I am seriously going to hunt this present out..   and see what it is.

stuck at work until midnight..  thankfully the customer is quiet this evening..  however, when the customer speaks..   he curses left and right..  I felt kind of uncomfortable with it..  so I just told the customer to call support..  because i couldn’t take it anymore. =)

speaking of phone calls..  I received a call from T Mobile saying that I was one of the selective few in our town to receive a few cell phone (fully activated)..   I said I was busy.. so I asked the personnel for their home number..  and the agent said that this is a one time offer..   I said “can you offer it twice to me?”  They said no..   I said that I already had a phone tho..  and he said i could give one to my family..  and I said..  but my family didn’t get chosen..  and I was the lucky one chosen..  so I cannot just give away stuff..   there has to be a catch to give away things right??   and he said that’s true..  and I said.. “so what’s the catch with your giveaway?”  he said “no catch”..  I said.. “but you just said that there had to be a catch.”   and he said.. “I said that to agree with your comment.”  I said  “how can that be?   How do you know I even agree with it?”   he said..  “you said it though.”  I said ..  “I know I said it..  but if its wrong..  I wish people would correct me.”   he said “ok..  there doesn’t have to be a catch.”  I said “so why don’t you call my family and give them the phone… why me in particular?”   he said “because your name came up in a draw..”  I said “what draw was that?  I never entered a draw. ”  He said.. “this is a random draw.”  I said “a random draw?   as in someone that randomly writes down names based on letters in the alphabet?”   He said.. “yes.”  I said.. “who else is on the list..  I may know them..  is there a Bobby?”  He said “I cannot tell you.”  I said.. “but I can save you a lot of work, if I tell Bobby first..  he would be so surprise to know he won something thru a random draw..   made up by total random strangers that randomly like to randomly pick names from a random hat.”   he said .. “do you want the cell phone?”   I said .. “I thought you said I won it..   and you were going to send it out..  you don’t ask me if i want it..  you just give it to me..  right?”   he said ..  “could I verify you name.”  I said  “I thought you knew my name.. ”   he said.. “I want to verify it.. ”  I said .. “Its Bob ..  Bob Richards”..  and he said “Mr. Richards..  what is your address?”  I said .. “This isn’t random..   my name isn’t Bob!   I made that up to test your random name picker!”   He said ..  “what is your name then?”   I said .. “ok.. its Robert..  but I go by Bob.”
10 minutes later..  and he said he needed my SSN..  I said I felt uncomfortable giving this information away over the phone..   and if they can just send me a form and I would gladly fill it out.  he said “this is a one time offer though.”  I said “but you got my number..  and you said i was randomly picked..  you can just send me the goods.”   he said.. “I am sorry sir..  but we need the SSN, we won’t be using it for anything.”   I said .. “then why do you need it then?  If you ain’t going to use it..  why do you need it?”   he said .. “we use it to perform a credit check.. ”  I said “but I can give you my bank’s telephone and/or a credit card companies info..   or better yet.. I can give you my mom’s number and she can vouch for me.”   then the guy hung up on me.

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  • hahaha…dats funni. i wanna do dat to some1…dey mite get confused but actually i mite cuz i mite know exactly wat im sayin…lol

  • We need more people to do that. I try sometimes but I usually get nice girls and thus wuss out. I did get up enough gutts one time to say “what are you wearing?” to one of them… but it was a guy so it did not have the same effect as I would have liked.

    As for the present, try her car trunk.

  • the present: try her car (which someone already suggested..hahaha…)

    as for the phone call: my gosh, i think i was caught in a phone scam, or something like that…loong story though, nothing to do with my SSN but more of my credit card #….no worries, i managed to fix it up eventually. my gosh, they never stopped calling for “verification.”  your experience/phone call was funny though and who knows what people would do and to what extent to get someone’s SSN……you just happened to make it funny!..hehehehe…crazy crazy.

    see ya soon!

  • geez sam, that was me on the phone – thanks a lot

  • sam, you should have asked him for collateral, like a kid or something…

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