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…to mr. & mrs. cerwin ma…

this past weekend, sam and i trekked to boston to attend my friend lien’s marriage to cerwin.. we woke up early |for me| saturday morning and arrived in boston at around noon.. we had some issues w/the sheraton commander |i don’t recommend it| before we were finally given a room and then we met up with kristie for lunch in harvard square.. we were adventurous and tried a restaurant we knew nothing about but it was quite disappointing.. the food took longer than it should have and we were further angered by people who were seated after us getting their food earlier so of course, we spoke up.. they were nice enough to take half off.. but again, not a place i would recommend dining at..

dropping off kris at the subway station, i glanced at the escalators going the opposite direction and i was surprised to see betsy johnson |the fashion designer|.. considering we saw tony bennett last weekend, i was surprised to see another ‘celebrity’.. who knows who we’ll see next.. that evening, sam and i rushed to the wedding |our first as a married couple|, and surprisingly we were one of the first ones to arrive.. it was a small wedding, but it was very sweet.. lien and cerwin looked so happy as they said their vows.. the wedding was held at the hyatt and the reception was on the 14th floor in a room that overlooked the charles river and had the view of the boston skyline.. overall a great wedding.. great food and i was also able to catch up w/some of my old co-workers from deloitte..

congratulations lien & cerwin!!!!

Happy 16th Anniversary SJBCI!!! Unfortunately, we were unable to be there, but I pray that God will continue to bless our church with many more..

Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating today..

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  • hey ate! i saw windstruck.. it’s a lot like my sassy girl. the silly thing is that the boy she meets in the end is her love interest in sassy girl and they meet in almost exactly the same way. happy thanksgiving! (i got your call but i was at a show!)

  • te, we keep playing tag…

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