January 4th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

So Christmas has came and left..  so enter 2005.   First the important stuff..  the presents..    I got exactly what I needed..   being curious certainly paid off..  in fact..  My new toys will have to be put to good use. =)

I think it would be best if Christmas came twice a year..  one time during the summer..   we can even call it ..  “Skagmar”..     I’m dreaming of a Brown Skagmar..    or “Have yourself..  a merry little Skagmar… let your kidneys be baked.”

Anyhow..   Its back to work now..  ugh..   a 1 hour drive to a place that is very very boring.  At least the drive is always fun.. dodging deers and other small forest animals..  This should be my last week of work..   I should be leaving my post shortly after the this week..  or sometime early next week.     You think they will let me keep my thinkpad??

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  • talking about deer … did you know that when “rednecks” talk about fastfood, they mean hitting a deer at 65mph?

  • They will let you keep it only if you don’t mention it to anyone.

  • skagmar? you lost me at hello…

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