January 8th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   1 Comment

Another weekend..   and here I am..  stuck at work until midnight..   I don’t like that feeling at all.   working on a weekend just feels so .. blah.  =)   Its quiet..  that’s for sure..   and I pray that it stays a bit quieter..  so I can get some of my personal stuff done and out of the way.

I have two big customers in right now..  one guy that is very volitile..  and will scream at a drop of a hat.

Anyhow..  I have a full plate for the day..    but i may just leave some of it for someone else. =)

Tuesday is the big day..    hopefully I get my US Permanent Residents ..  please pray for that.

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  • hey sam.. we should be ok.. at least all the docs they asked for, is the same as before.. we didn’t have to look too hard 🙂

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