January 11th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

ok ok..  the good news to start the New Year off..     Stephanie and I did our interview for my US Permanent Resident papers..   and I did get approved..  so I will be getting my green card in the mail within a month..    the bad news is..  I will be unable to work right away..  and that may be problematic for me keeping my job.

As for visiting my family..   i will also have to waiti until I get my green card before I can trek north of the border.

i am a bit sadden about all this.. as I miss my family..   but i am glad things are falling into place.    soon I will be able to get a job in the US.   and Stephanie and I can look for a place of our own..  though I do like how are apartment looks like..  I just wish it was closer to the city..  and if it was a house. =)  now..  if only the houses here look a bit better..   The homes are places here are a bit old looking..   no wonder there are a lot of home improvement shows on tv..   every home I have seen here needs to be improved in some shape or form…  *sigh*..

at least its good news that I got my paper work out of the way.

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  • praise God nonetheless…everything’s coming together in due time… .

  • hey k. sam! hahaa peeing in bed.. i havent done that since last year.. >_< hahaha jk.. but thanx for the advice.. wow i didnt know milk makes it worse.. no cereal in the a.m. then.. thanks.. take cares and God bless

  • congrats sam!!

  • marchesa.. yes.. praise God for all his guidance and help.

    jaspher.. milk would make your phlegm thicken.. and you will cough up a lung or something… water is always good. =)

    thanks sarena!! just job hunting.. hopefully i get something. =)

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