November 9th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

…happy third month…

this past sunday was sam’s and my 3rd month anniversary.. we were in jersey so the morning was spent in church and though we could have left early to celebrate at a restaurant, we decided to extend our time w/my family as we haven’t been home in a very long time.. all in all a very nice day since it was the first time we were both free on our anniversary..

anyway, happy anniversary, sam..  there’s been a myriad of things that have been thrown at us this past month.. and more on the way..  but i’m glad to have you by my side.. thanks for always giving me the love and support i need.. i love you..

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  • aw i like that picture of you two. 

  • aww…. happy anniv!… cute pix!?!?!…

  • haffy anniversary!

  • thanks guys..

  • Happy Anniversary~~  man that pic is so so so beautiful.  I think it’s really nice that you guys can appreciate every moment together.  Keep up the great work and please post more beautiful pic ..pls pls pls   🙂

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