January 13th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   1 Comment

I made a terrible mistake..    I made a date..   and I don’t think I can honour it for tonight..    I thought it was friday..    the wife won’t like that at all..  she likes to date..   everytime i come home.. its .. “lets go on a date.. ”  or.. “where do you want to go on our date?”     So to surprise her today..  I thought..   she is a very special lady (ehem.. not as in special olympics)… and we should go out and see what is available to us.. just to enjoy each others company again. =)     but being thursday.. and she has work tomorrow..   you think she would play hooky?   or call in sick?

anyhow..   still job hunting..   so far..  I am overqualified to be the Walmart door greeter..   and underqualified to be the shopping cart collector at Walmart.  Maybe I should think big.. and apply at Sam’s Club..   be the stock boy… i hear they get a lot of tips too. =)

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  • sam. she’d definitely play hooky!  you should see her play, she’s got moves you ain’t even seen…

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