November 12th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

…winter’s commencement…

the past few days have been quite chilly and the weather channel predicted snow showers tomorrow morning, but it seems it has come early.. this morning , i woke up to the sound of raindrops but around noon, the noise had abated.. curious, i peered out of our windows and beheld snow .. light snow is falling.. thank goodness i’m working from home today.. but hopefully the roads will still be good.. sam has to trek to sterling forest tonight for work..

when i was younger i would look forward to snow.. not just for the slight chance that we would have a snow day but it was fun to frolic in newly fallen snow |esp if there was a lot|.. of course i never enjoyed the shoveling, but once that was done, it was off to play in the snow w/chelle and mel.. i remember lots of deformed snowmen, our version of sledding, and of course snowball fights.. i miss those days.. it’s been quite a while since i’ve been in a good snowball fight..

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  • i miss those days too

  • hey chelle, want to come over next big snow storm? maybe we can schedule it for christmas..

  • i miss makin snow angels…lolz… i was told tho, “never eat yellow snow”…hahahaha..

  • hi steph…yeah, i’m working on thanksgiving.  i’ll be home the next day, though.  i thought i’d be able to stay home longer, because i don’t really have to be up here til the 30th, but i remembered that i have class on monday   hope to see you soon.

  • since there is no snow out here (except for the big mountain), i have similar feeling towards the rain out here in CA.   Just wanna run out and play in the rain everytime.  Or just sleep in and listen to the rain.   Though snow would be nice right about now too.

  • Thank you Steph =) God is great!

    childhood memories for some reason gives me a sense of what like Heaven is going to be like  =)

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