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guess who got their US Permanent Resident card??  =)

the next thing is now..    going back to Canada for a visit..    =)    I am very excited over that..  I haven’t been home in six months..   I would love to see my family and friends.

so should be soon..    we’re going to be trekking up .. and seeing how things are back home. =)   this is also signifies I can officially be hired to work in the US and make US money..    So hopefully I can get something..  I really dread the fact to working at sterling forest..  not to mention 2nd shift.

anyhow..   not to damper the news..  i at least get to travel back to toronto.

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  • praise God, ksam!!!!!!  that’s awesome awesome news…now maybe amelia will start talking to you again.

  • congratulations sam! 

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