November 18th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   10 Comments

…digital gear…

most people know i am attracted to shiny new techy toys.. here is something that caught my eye.. it’s doubtful i’ll ever break down and buy it as it has a current price tag of $500.. but it’s nice to window shop sometimes.. for those who also experience gear envy.. here’s a nice site ..

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  • hey geek one.

    that phone’s not for dreaming….i know a certain sam-one that has enough dough for show .

  • hahaha.. sam also loves this phone.. he was quite disappointed when he found out the price tag.. you can click now on the image to get more info.. it’s a pretty impressive phone.. ah well.. maybe some day..

  • wow.. i thought the motorola v710 that im planning to get is nice.. but i should have known that you taste is very donald(jacob) like …………… haha

    ^ i like the phone! ;oD go get it.. i know thats coffee money to yu guys.. ;oP

  • that’s a SWEET phone…i guess “boys and their toys” don’t apply to just the boys anymore.

    that thing is sooo thin that i’m afraid i might lose it or destroy it if i had it. 

  • alvin:  i wish.. if only cool techy stuff cost as much as a cup of coffee.. i’d easily trade my daily coffee for it.. but sam and i are going on a spending diet and trying to save.. this phone will have to wait..

    iman:  nah.. for what you spend on this, it should be indestructable..

  • 0mg! i saw that phone in a magazine, I was admring it for awhile!

  • wow that’s a niiiice phone.  are you feeling better steph?  remember what i said….  

  • hey steph.. hehe..yea.. i have a new appreciation for techy toys…haha… it wasn’t too bad though, the numbers were transferred over fine but thae apps i had dled couldn’t be…oh wellz… hehe

  • i can’t believe my friend actually bought it…shesh and he bought it for higher price too! shesh…as for me…i think i’ll try to save up for something more practical like a new car…;P 😉

  • since my car is about to clonk out on me…just something new that will get me to point A to point B ;P

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