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Its been a long time since I last updated..   so what are some of the developments?   well.. my son is much bigger than before.. and is very very curious.   over the past few months, he has mastered a few typical baby skills and a few not-so baby skills.    Some baby milestones include being able to turn over, blowing raspberries, eating his rice cereal.. he even recently started to sit without assistance.   The not so baby milestones that he seem to like doing is driving his toy car console..  and giggling whenever the police voice says “pull over buddy.”

Also..  he has been asking very unusual questions..  like..”Daddy..  why is teddy bear spelt with a p?”  and I am like “wonkawha?”  he’s going to need to practice his spelling.

We were watching Jeopardy one day.. and he surprised me..   he didn’t do the usual..  “what is photosynthesis.”  or “what is the taming of the shrew?” like you see in the silly Teen Tournament..    but he was really impressing me ..   during the show..  he was like..  “who is Atahualpa?”   and I was like who??  and he said.. “the Incan emperor that was overthrown  by Spanish conquistador Franciso Pizzaro.”    I was like “Pizza??”   i cannot believe my son was teaching me history… and doing it smuggly..    i was going to ground him for being a smart mouth..  when the daily double came and he said “who is snufflelufflegus?”   and the answer was wooly mammoth..  i knew that my son still had stuff to learn..   so he was embarassed and resumed to play with his toy piano.

he ended yesterday’s play time saying..  “Over there is a big ol’ alligator..  and when he opened his mouth..  he didn’t have a face..  he just had tonsils.  And over there is a reindeer with a rocking chair on his head…  and over there is a billy goat..  with handle bars on his head.”

he is one very interesting and imaginative little boy.

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  • i believe he inherited the imagination from his dad…or from the plasma.

  • or the radiation from the plasma … thats why emma is a mutant. she licks the plasma screen for strength in the morning.

  • i enjoyed this very much.samsam is one funny baby!

  • snufflelufflegus is a wooly mammoth.

    I notice a trend of him wanting to ride animals. I would be careful, I think you have been taking him to too many horseback and bull riding competitions

  • i’ll give both of them to you if you want!!  they still look great. call me bout them.

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