four months

December 7th, 2004   Stephanie   Xanga   14 Comments

i love you, sam..

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  • happy monthsary guys.

  • His Love Endures Forever

  • eww, love?! grosssssss

  • hey steph, thanks for the help its very much appreciated so i guess we’ll have to swing by and pick it up, haha. well, i really would have thought finding a w98se around would be like picking potatoes at someones backyard. but its no biggie, i’ll  trying to look for it some more here and there.

    and also, Happy Annivy to You and Sam… nic pic -k-

  • happy anniversary!

  • I am so happy for you! press on sista!

  • always remember to out please and out serve each other

  • happy anniversary sam and steph, God Bless you always. and thank you for the birthday greeting.

  • i agree, congrats   🙂

  • That’s a beautiful picture!

  • j*trade is right after agape?  oh well…i guess no sleep for me before work. 

  • hi left a message on my phone?  i never got it.  anyway…where are you going shopping?    i can’t go today…i’m going to my co-worker’s son’s christening today.  plus i have no $$ to go shopping….spent too much going christmas shopping last week. 

  • yes..   married still..   do you know..  you hog the covers??  =)

  • Happy belated aniversary !!   well, actually i should happy anniversary on the newer month now  right??  oh i’m such a dork  🙂   

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