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drove in to work.. and it was very windy.   a lot of happened since i last posted..   i am currently going through a bit of issues with my work..    i really really really hate it here.. but the best thing is..  it keeps me employed.    but gosh..   the more i stay and do this job.. the more i see just how many problems this place really has.   like yesterday..  it was a bad storm..  the team lead down here (who happens to live near steph and i), tells me that since the weather is bad..   i should take off early.    so I was thinking of leaving work at about 8pm..   i tell my shift mate that i was going to do this… but i wanted to check out a few things before i pack up..   when i finish what i do, i walk back to my desk.. i overhear my shift mate yapping on the phone..   saying “yes..  yes..  but when the cd is loaded..   does it read it immediately??  or do you have to hit the play button on it?”   I was thinking who is he talking to.. it can’t be a customer..  since I waited 4 hours and have not heard anything from the customer… i continue to hear him speak..  “so anyhow..  what about Sam?   I just want to let you know that he is thinking of leaving work early and said you authorised it.”  my thoughts were..  my goodness..  the guy is tattling on me for leaving early..     and later he walks by my desk and says.. “you can go home..  since the team lead said it was ok.”   huh?

then i look at what was done during the shift..  and everything he noted was what I worked on.

that was that..    oh yeh..   since i am job hunting…  i am having a dandy time finding something that will pay me the salary i am looking for…   so far, most  offers are not even coming close to what I made in Toronto.

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  • tattletales? … he he he welcome to the american corporate world sam.

  • i hear ya.. he who stabs you in the back last.. stabs best.

  • good luck on the job search

  • Thanks Paul.. =) maybe I can babysit for Marchesa and Perze’s kid when the baby’s born.. =) I hope they pay well tho.. and I take a lot of breaks. =)

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