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February 7th, 2005   Stephanie   Xanga   3 Comments


it’s been quite a while since i’ve blogged about what’s going on my life.. it’s been quite an eventful 2005 so far.. in january, sam and i celebrated our 5th month anniversary, chesa graduated, and sam got his permanent residence card.. we’ve been praying for sam’s immigration stuff to get all settled and always planned to visit his family as soon as the card came.. so when we received it, we immediately started getting everything together and thanks to chelle, we arrived in toronto last friday..

we had lunch w/mike and sam’s sister karen at owl & firkin, but unfortunately, i had to work when we got to his house.. i was doing ok until i turned around and was surprised by sam’s niece amanda.. she’d come downstairs to the basement on her own and she’s always been quiet and not really the friendly type like her older sister, amelia.. so it was quite a shock for me.. she let me bring her upstairs but amelia wanted to play and came back downstairs w/me.. a few minutes later, amanda surprised me again and there went my day.. but the girls are very cute and very playful.. i’m looking forward to my next niece being born friday night, we had our long awaited tea ceremony, which was really interesting, since i’ve never even viewed it before and afterwards, we had dinner w/sam’s whole family and soon to be brother-in-law.. saturday, we mainly stayed at the house.. sam’s mom and sister joyce showed me how to make sesame pudding and then sam, his sister karen, and i had dinner at maydoh.. sunday, we went to joyce’s new house to take a look around and watched most of the superbowl there..

monday was our six month anniversary but i had to work during the day since i didn’t want to use up too much of my vacation days.. however, sam took me out for dinner.. we were thinking of going korean, but we ended up at a nice all you can eat japanese restaurant yang’s sushi bar.. it was a really nice place and the food was excellent.. we stuffed ourselves so much, i had to have a time out afterwards to let my food settle..

|edit| 020805 – tonight we’re celebrating chinese new year.. it should be fun.. it’s like having new year’s twice in one year.. happy chinese new year!!

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  • life’s tapestry is simply amazing…precious and priceless

  • HAHAHAHA i do have a problem with my pants.. they’re all lowrise … thats what they’re trying to say… apparently Virgina hates low rise jeans

  • te! i didn’t even know you blogged!  i really lilke this blog cuz it’s sooooo eye candy….or even eye lechon kawali. did you get to take pictures durinig the tea ceremony?  it’s interesting….ps- aawe. i miss amelia and amanda!!!  they sseeem so friendly on their own playground…hahahahaha

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