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Today is my daddy’s birthday..   normally we would celebrate on the lunar calendar, but I am not sure the exact dates..  my dad just says its March 22..   so my dad’s birthday is today! =)

this week, I am working 2nd shift again..  so I get home at about 2am..   hopefully I am able to get myself a good job soon..   last night was a bit of an issue, as I was the only one supporting the customer.   I had a colleague there, but anytime the customer calls him, he would always revert back to asking me what to do..   I am seriously thinking he is either doing it to annoy me..  but who knows.  The good news is that the customer had a lot of issues that were their owns.   Which brings me to something very very interesting…

New paragraph for the interesting bit..     The word “owns”..    did you know if you read the word upside-down..  that it spells..  sumo??   cool.

The reason why I brought that up, was that I received another telemarketing call today..  and it was annoying as I was washing some dishes..    the lady said.. “I will make this brief.”  I said.. “I wear boxers.”  and she hesitated and said.. “the reason for the call is that people like you in the great community of fishkill really support their police force.”  I said..”support the police force in what way??  i called them a lot?  or get pulled over a lot by cops?”  she said.. “this is an annual charity that we are looking for donations.”  I said .. “where is the charity held this year?”  she said.. “its not an actual dinner charity..  its really a pledge..  to get donations.”  I said..  “What channel are you on?”   She said.. “excuse, sir?”  I said “pledge..  like those PBS pledges.. or Jerry Lewis telethons?”  she said.. “no..  its more of a call to homes to see if you would like to make a donation to your local community.”   I said.. “like taxes?  because I get taxed and I assume that goes to my local community.”   She said.. “i am not sure what you are referring to.”   I said.. “doesn’t the community get anything for the donations.”   she said.. “Yes..  of course..  your local police protection.”  I said ..  “Isn’t that like bullying or extortion??  like in those movies where the triads go to local store owners and state that they will help protect the store owners in return for a small fee?”   She said.. “no..   because the police is there to serve the community.”  I said.. “so like a waiter in a restaurant..   where they serve their guest, and they get paid hourly but also usually get a tip.”  She interupted and said.. “yes yes yes..  like a waiter getting a tip for doing a good job.”  I said “that makes perfect sense..  so what does this have to do with pledges?  Why don’t you just say..  the police wants a tip for their service.”  she said.. “hmmm.”   I continued.. “anyhow..  thanks for the explanation..   please call back later as I am busy at the moment.”   She said “ok.”     Uhh..  i forgot but somewhere during the conversation I brought up the word sumo and owns.

anyhow..    Stephanie and I are looking at new places to move to..    either we’re staying in the NY area..  or if all goes well..   we’ll be heading to the Boston area.

So recap it..   Happy Birthday to my dad..   people at work are annoying..   the word “owns” upside down spells “sumo”, and the police is either like a waiter waiting for a tip.. or the triad looking for a protection fee…    and finally Stephanie and I may be moving soon. =)

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  • hahahahaha!!!! i really should refrain from reading your blogs at work.. i’m sure my officemate thinks i’m odd..

  • hahahah
    you’re so funny, k.sam. sometimes i think you make things up they’re so funny. i hope it happens when i’m around next time, haha.

  • ksam, funny you should mention sumo because i feel fat these days, but perze says it’s because i’m pregnant. i say it’s because i’ve been eating and there’s an alien in my body taking up all the nutrients.

    but that’s a good recap, happy birthday to your dad and gluck on you decision to move. those are very big things.

  • steph: you think the reason your office mates think you are odd because of you reading blogs? =)

    kris: steph walked in on me on the phone with our cable company.. and i was threathening to leave because they wouldn’t give me my mp3 player that they never owed me. =)

    marchesa:.. alien in your body?? what kind of baby are you having!? =) the move is very critical.. because we better like it.. or we’re stuck there for a while.

  • sam you’re too funny. 

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