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…happy 4th birthday…

happy birthday to miss amelia chan .. she turns the big 4 today.. however, this picture was taken one saturday when sam and i were still in toronto.. they decided to have a little party for her so we trekked to daiga’s house.. we had hot pot for dinner and of course some birthday cake.. amelia was adamant about having the green ice cream cone on the cake.. can you tell she’s just waiting for that moment?  afterwards, we gave her the presents we got for her.. a barbie outfit, a cinderella shirt (her favorite), and a “nick”lace..

the day before, she had asked me for my aquamarine necklace and i had to talk her into promising to return it before lending it to her so the necklace was so she’d have her own.. we gave her a call today and she says she’s still wearing it.. how cute.. she’s such a girly little girl sometimes.. wanting diamond rings already and other jewelry/accessories..

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  • yay! happy birthday amelia chan!!

  • aww!!!… i remember when i was 4.. lolz… happy bday amelia!!!

  • Hey, I know most of those people! Even that dude in the white shirt. And the dude in the green shirt. And that orange… ok, yes I know most of them. Happy Birthday!

  • that was nice of you to sacrifice something like that for her =) …humility… and …love…

    heavenly things are always the best things

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