April 19th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

more glorious info from this horrible place I work at..    the management wants to create 12 hour work days..   this is ok.. but the issue is I am stuck with working 7pm to 7am.   Also..  vacation time is shorten..  since a work day is now 12 hours, as oppose to 8 hours, scheduling time off means we lose 1.5 vacation days when we take one day.

I hope I don’t have to stay here much longer.   Hopefully the other jobs I am looking at work out..  but they seem to be taking a long long time with.

oh..  with this new schedule..   i have to work six consecutive weekends before i am off for 1 weekend.

I guess its better than not working.

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  • to think i wanted to apply for IBM. geez. hang in there sam.

  • oh it is great working up here, just look at my blog.

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