April 22nd, 2005   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

so its friday night..  and i am stuck at work when there is absolutely no customers in.

woke up in the morning to an unpleasant e-mail about my job hunt..   in short..   possibility of me being a Walmart greeter or a speedbump on the highway is looking promising.   Finding work isn’t a problem..   its finding work that will even just equal what I was making is tough..   all I see now are entry level things..  where they want me to be a monkey and just  get slapped for a living.

I already had that inkling that it was going to be a sad day, when I called home and my nieces did not wish to speak with me..  Amelia just said that she was going to save me some fries but because i never come home..  they all went bad.  i asked her if she thinks of me.. and she said no..  she is over that part now…  and recently I have been getting a bit short with my family over the phone..  and its always about how I am away from them that has caused the rise in these issues.

I never knew just how fast kids grow up..  and how slow other things (like finding a decent job) move.

Maybe I just haven’t prayed enough for my job..  maybe I haven’t prayed hard enough to be at peace with my family..   I wish I could just go some place and sit and think and not be bothered by small details of life.

on a personal note….

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  • am sorry sam.  your family really misses you. time does go very fast, and it sucks when the things you want accomplished the most take up most of that time.  perze and i are praying for you and ate always.

  • Sam,

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  • Marchesa.. thanks for the prayers… hopefully things all work out.

    Perze.. smart guy.. you figured the code. knew I couldn’t slip that one by you. thanks for your message.

  • sam,

    i didn’t figure out the code … you gave it away.

  • hehe.. Perze.. how true.. =) in anycase.. looks like I have to bite the bullet and take my salary cut and stall my career for a bit. I am going to be a monkey here… like the rest of the people.

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