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first, it’s a little late, but thanks to everyone for the phone calls, email, and warm wishes during my birthday.. i really appreciate it.. it’s now april and i guess spring is officially here, since it’s actually been pleasantly warm these days.. i’ve always enjoyed spring.. longer days, flowers blooming, warmer weather.. it’s so refreshing after a very snowy winter..

this spring also marks a time of changes for me.. again.. i will be starting a new position |same company, but different department| in may so i’ve been consumed w/closing my issues/testing in order to ensure a smoother transition.. although i’m not training my backfill until the end of june.. which only means i may |most likely| be called upon to handle issues/problems that may come up w/my application until then.. gotta love double duty.. surprisingly, i will be going back to the accounting organization |which i thought i’d never do|, although it is still a technical role.. but i’m looking forward to the challenges and chance for growth..

sam and i are still waiting for word on whether we need to start preparing for a move to boston.. i’m a little wary of moving to a completely new area again.. having to familiarize myself with new surroundings, so sam and i struggled about what would happen if everything went through.. but we’ve been praying a while about his job situation and we know God’s plan is perfect, so now we’re just waiting..

as for this weekend, we’ll be spending some quality time w/some family and friends in PA for a nice little get together at a cabin.. surprisingly, it’s only 1 1/2 hour from fishkill, so it will take us longer just to get to jersey first, but we’re looking forward to the good times and laughs that usually abound when we’re all together.

lastly, i’ve found myself perusing websites a bit more and i found these sites quite interesting.. i thought i’d share..

[the nest] Love. Living. Life. The new home for newlyweds from The Knot
KDDI au Design Project Japanese telecom service provider KDDI new phone designs
10 ways to find the fat in your budget
Downsize from two paychecks to one

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  • came to check the page. i like the layout…but is this pink or peach?  it looks like pink on my laptop…

    i have yet to read the articles…take care te…i’ll have the pix posted up today.

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