Happy Birthday

January 17th, 2007   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

I do not know where to start..  I don’t know where to start…  and did i mention..  i don’t know where to start.

Today..  is my baby boy’s first birthday..  he turns 1..   and lets just say he is an adorable 1 year old .. toddler.   that is going to take some time to getting used to..   he’s been a baby all his life.. and a toddler for onlty a few moments.

I must admit..  working on his bday..  is not going to be a good thing..   hopefully i can get some time to spend with him.. and wrestle him..   he’s getting pretty strong now.

some baby tricks that he has mastered now are..  Standing..   dancing on his bum..   smiling at daddy..   turn the tv on and off faster than anyone in the world..   turning the volume up very loud on the stereo..  and then covering his tracks when the music is deafening loud..   he always has a “not me” look on his face.  he also knows how to get the entire bathroom splashed with water and still remain dirty..   he also plays the piano..  his favourite song being one of his own compositions..   its called “I love my mom and dad… and they love me.” 

so in the AM..  when my son wakes up..  we’ll be singing happy birthday to him and be giving him his presents.

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  • “he’s been a baby all his life.. and a toddler for only a few moments” i love that line.. ahh our little baby is now a little boy.. happy birthday hong hong!!!

  • happy birthday hong hong … got your gift … dont tell your mom and dad but it starts with an “s” and ends with an “s” too and it rhymes with himp – chips.

  • congrats ksam!  samsam is definitely going to have a great birthday…esp. since now he can dance on his butt.

  • awwww happy happy happy birthday to sam sam!

  • happy birthday to samsam!! hehehe…be careful steph & sam…you’re going to have a heartbreaker pretty soon!

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