May 21st, 2005   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

another weekend off..  that’s great!  =)   the better news is I work on monday (which is a Canadian holiday) and I get that as overtime..  so that’s great! =)

I won’t be traveling back to Canada for the US holiday known as Memorial Day…   since that is the weekend I do have to work..   and after that..  I will be working for Canada all over again..    seems like they are having some problems holding on to staff..  but hopefully its only temporary..  I wish to get my US paying job asap.

Probably won’t know about it until after July tho..  which would make it 1 year since I left my homeland.

Stephanie and I also watched Revenge of the Sith..  and it was very good..  enjoyed it a lot. =)

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  • you and your star wars obssession..

  • 92?! you’re a bigger nerd than perze!!!!! whoa!!  if those scores were your light sabers you’d totally win…

  • hahaha.. i think i was only at 55 percent!! i guess i’m more geek than nerd..

  • hey…i found your site through the fools for Christ one…you should check out the blogring i made, Jedi Knights 4 Jesus, since you are a fool for Him and you love Star Wars =o)  you can get to it through my site if you wanna join…you seem like a perfect cadidate, lol…anywho, awesome xanga!  take care and God bless <3

    ~ sarie

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