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June 27th, 2005   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

…june 21 to june 26…

last tuesday night, sam and i left for our first road trip to canada.. the rental was packed w/a plethora of snacks/drinks and came readily w/a sirius radio.. that was quite entertaining as sam surprised me with his knowledge of 60s music.. the drive went smoothly, with just a few pockets of road work which slowed us down a little.. but we finally arrived at his parents’ house around 3:30am..

|wednesday| the next morning, i slept in a little to get some more rest, but all of the sudden, i heard “hello.. jo san kau mou”.. apparently amelia had been impatiently waiting for sam and i to wake up since she arrived so when our door was opened, she came in to say hello.. what a nice welcome =)  unfortunately, sam and i weren’t really able to take vacation so we ended up working that day and didn’t get to play as much as amelia and amanda wanted.. it was nice though that everyone was able to go out for ‘real chinese food’ |according to sam| that evening..

|thursday| sam had to work out of the markham office, so i decided to work there as well.. we were able to have dim sum w/his friends and i was even able to visit w/a friend of mine who i’ve worked w/on my old job.

|friday|  i was supposed to take all of friday off, but due to some work committments, i was only able to take a half day.. however, the afternoon was qiute enjoyable as i was able to go to one of my fave places in markham.. pacific mall.. sam was working so i ended up going w/his sisters june and joyce to go look at flowers and miscellaneous things joyce needed for her party the next day.. as always pacific mall offered lots of eye candy.. but there wasn’t enough time to just wander around.. ah well.. it was still a nice afternoon.. one of the few times it’s actually just been me w/my in-laws..

when i got home, i was welcomed by amelia and amanda.. they were taking their nap when i left and were supposedly looking for me when they woke up.. the two little girls are so cute, but such a handful.. it’s definitely a big responsibility to be in charge of children.. however, their smiles and giggles make it enjoyable.. especially now when they are speaking a bit more english, it’s funny the things they say..

that night was spent getting joyce’s invitations ready for the next day.. i’ve never really been part of planning for a chinese wedding and all the traditions that go along with it.. it’s been quite educational to see what joyce has to go through in preparation for her wedding..

|saturday|  one of the traditional events prior to a chinese wedding is a party at the bride’s house, which is kind of like the engagement party.. it’s pretty much an all day event, but only the bride’s family and friends participate.. the only participation on the groom’s side is when he and a couple of family/friends come and bring ‘gifts’.. samuel |joyce’s fiance| brought different kinds of cake, food, etc. which was then divided |i have no idea the logic to how it’s done|.. some of it was given back to samuel for their side.. some were given as an offering to ancestors.. some for the guests.. and most of the baked goods were given w/invitations that were handed out.. it was quite a production..

|sunday| our last day there was pretty quiet.. sam was nice enough to go w/me to pacific mall for a little while just to do a little more browsing :).. we left a little bit after dinner, and got home around 3:30am.. although it’s one of my shortest visits there and we didn’t really have much time off, it was still really nice to be able to see the family..

ps – birthday wishes go out to karen and june..

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  • glad you’re back safely te!  you and ksam definitely neeeded some time off to go see the family and also be with the girls!!  they really miss you guys!  take care of yourself te…get some needed rest ok?  don’t stress out too much or do so many things at once like you’re used to.  if your body says rest, then just rest

  • hey day.. yep.. will try.. hasn’t been too bad.. it seems i just get tired when i have nothing to do.. so i’ve been able to rest when i need to.. take care of yourself and emma, day.. i’m looking forward to THE call..

  • hey ate. glad you’re back safe. amelia and amanda are funny on the phone, haha. btw: i bought my boyfriend is type b from the store that has been “closing” for the past year, hahaha. IT’S SO FUNNY and it’s not because i like lee dong-gun <3 haha. if you want me to look out for anything, let me know :]

  • hey kris.. i actually bought that as well from pacmall.. only $5 cnd.. just keep an eye out for dramas..

  • ate ate!! can you try to swap for ‘stained glass’?? it has lee dong-gun, kim sung soo (min-hyuk in full house) and the main girl from ‘my tutor friend’.. but i don’t care about her–i’m in it for the men, hahahah. ps. are you coming home this weekend?

  • swapping boyfriends?? what are you guys talking about?

  • drop it like its hot!

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