June 28th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   1 Comment

Ahh…   finally have a bit of time to write a xanga entry.

Just came back from visiting my family in Toronto with Steph..   we drove there..  and it wasn’t too bad..    in fact, the road was not confusing at all.

I got to see my two little nieces..  who both insist that I am their bestfriend.

I did work while I was in toronto, so the good news is that I did not waste any vacation days for the small trip. =)   I feel like doing this again in August..  but we’ll see.

My sister joyce had her engagement party..  and a lot of goodies were given to us by her fiance.   I got to see my friend Carl and his wife Candy..  so a good time catching up. =)

The drive back was sad..   I do not feel like going into much detail about leaving toronto..  hopefully i won’t have to leave toronto very much longer.

My niece Amanda spent the day after looking for Steph and me..  and when she couldn’t find us..  she started asking my dad questions about our absence.   Meanwhile..   Amelia spent the afternoon in my room underneath the covers crying because she misses us..   my mom held her..   i think she just misses the fact that Steph and I play with her…  which I will admit..  we certainly enjoy time with the nieces. =)

A few of my relatives finally got to meet Stephanie..  and they all indicated that she was pretty..    i think its because Stephanie was wearing a pair of hotpants..  but I dunno. =)

Alright..   that’s it for now..

Note to Marchesa and Perze..    we’re getting close..  and Steph and I are very excited for you..     We’ll see you on the weekend.  

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  • wow ksam. that blog made me sad.  i can just imagine how your nieces may feel. they really love you. after all, they’ve insisted that you were their best friend.

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