July 7th, 2005   Stephanie   Xanga   1 Comment

…happy anniversary…

happy anniversary to my dearest husband sam… only one more month until our first year anniversary.. i’m so thankful for the past eleven months that we’ve shared.. thank you for all the love and care you’ve given me..  i love you, sam..

also, congrats again to chesa and perze on the birth of baby emma.. she’s so adorable!!! i can tell she’s already got the men in the family wrapped around her tiny little finger.. i even got to see perze dance

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  • hey te, happy monthsary…doesn’t it feel weird having known that your wedding was just last year and now so many things in between that time and now have passed and changed…it’s funny how time goes by too fast sometimes.  enjoy all the time you have with each other te…it’ll soon change, not so much for the worse, but cherish your alone time together as much as possible.

    also, baby emma says wah wah…

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