one year

August 7th, 2005   Stephanie   Xanga   14 Comments

…happy anniversary…

it’s been one year since sam and i exchanged our wedding vows.. a year that began memorably and one that saw many changes in our lives.. although sam and i have known each other for so long, there was still a lot of things we had to learn each other.. putting two lives together is definitely not an easy thing.. but, i’m so thankful for God’s choice of a mate for me and for His help in the progression of our relationship.. sam’s quite special for being able to live with me and my idiosyncracies..thank you, sam, for this first year together.. i’m very blessed to have you as my husband.. and i look forward to many more years together.. i love you..

happy anniversarly, baby..

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  • congratulations on a year gone by, hope for many more to come


  • wow has it been that long already, congrats on your milestone steph and sam! so happy for you two. -k-

  • hi ‘babies’ … happy anniversary…i would have called yesterday, but i knew you guys were in NY…hopefully you got the best out of the city and you walked and walked…remember to have fun before your 8th month, cuz by then you’ll feel like a whale…

    i’ll call ya later te.

  • happy anniversary guys. hope you had a great time yesterday. i gotta see the light saber.

  • i mean dark saber …

  • happy happy anniversary. GOD bless you both…and to the soon2come.

  • haappy anniversary…God bless && tak carezz…..bye =]

  • happy anniversary n God Bless!!

  • congratulations ate steph! belated happy anniversary.. wow it’s been a year already and still going…..

  • happy anniv sam and steph!… aww… when are you guys coming back down?!.. i wanna see the tummy!..lolz…

  • btw, um… a race?.. dude, i’m like the newbie… i still have a long way to go… lolz…

  • thanks everyone.. sam and i appreciate all the greetings..

  • sorry i’m late…belated happy aniversary to the two of you.    can’t believe it’s been a year already!  hope to see you guys soon…

  • ya, i want to see the tummy too…i’ll bring all my maternity clothes when you come home.

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