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…happy birthday sam…

sam’s first birthday greeter was surprisingly not me.. but squiggly.. i’d been reading that i should be able to feel him/her starting from the 18th week and onward so i’d been looking out for it.. but i was surprised when a couple of minutes after midnight, i felt a tiny little flutter.. almost like a poof of air.. in my tummy.. we were staying up late since we were both off the next day, and i was waiting to say happy birthday to sam.. but i guess squiggly wanted to go first..

the next day, we had initially planned to go to cooperstown, as sam is an avid baseball fan.. but as it was cloudy and about to rain, we decided instead to go to palisades and then have dinner w/the ababas.. it’s so difficult these days to get together w/friends, even for celebrations.. so it was really nice that we were able to spend time w/chesa and perze and emma to celebrate.. thanks chesa and perze for the good food and good company..

the next day, sam and i spent the day preparing for mike’s arrival.. since he wasn’t arriving until late, we also did some shopping to prepare for joyce’s wedding.. luckily, i was able to find one dress.. but since i have to change for the reception, i am still looking for another one.. however, the pickings for nice pseudo-evening maternity dresses are very slim.. i’m actually tempted to do some sewing..

sunday, mike, sam and i spent the afternoon at the rockefeller state park preserve, walking the trails and taking pictures.. i think that was my exercise for the week as we did so much walking.. but it was a nice change to be outside and communing with nature.. it’s usually my bro who likes to go to those types of places so it’s been a while since i’ve done that..

now, i’m just looking forward to thursday, when we find out about whether squiggly will wear pink or blue |green if he/she is shy|, chesa’s bday and emma’s dedication this weekend.. julie’s engagement party next weekend, family weekend and my bro’s bday the weekend after, and then our trip to canada for joyce’s wedding.. a full calendar

ps – happy birthday to joyce as well..

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  • great pic of k.sam. thanx again for choosing to drive down to be with us on his birthday/ and for the cake…you know, perze and i were like, “man we should have kept some of the cake…” the next day…hahahahah…

  • hey chesa.. yep.. we still have 1/4 of the cake left.. mike, sam, and i had some on sunday.. but it’s so rich, we couldn’t finish it.. i’d save it for you guys.. but i don’t think it’ll last.. i’ll enjoy it on your behalf though..

  • belated happy birthday to mr. sam ng.. can’t wait to chill with you guys this weekend

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