August 4th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   12 Comments

I am scared ..    my 1st year anniversary is coming..   and i think Steph already figured out her present..    she was talking in her sleep the other night.. and said..   “Pancakes for breakfast..   and Ice cream for lunch.”  I don’t think she will be surprised now..  
Guess I have to think of something else.

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  • is it a lightsaber?

  • darksabre!! from the darkside.. =)

  • is it maternity panties???!!!??? x-tra husky? x-tra pregnant??


  • invisidog? can i get one of those for my nazgul??

  • you married folks have such a funni sense of humor.. haha..

  • hahaha.. i’ll take the ice cream.. no need for surprises and maybe some cake..

  • You can suprise her by giving her icecream for breakfast and pancakes for lunch. She will never suspect that.

  • happy anniversarly sweetie.. so, where’s my ice cream?

  • happy chinese bday, sweetheart..

  • hi sweetheart.  happy birthday!  make sure you get ice cream…and share…sharing is caring…(plugged that one in for you te.)

  • hi sweetie…happy birthday. wow, you’re getting old!

  • happy happy bday sam…God bless you.

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