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…the first week of sept…

the past week or so has been quite busy and a little nerve racking for me.. saturday , we met up w/the rest of the family for a little bit at chesa and perze’s.. it’s not that often that i get to see my family these days, so it was really nice spending time together, even though it was abbreviated.. sunday evening, we went to julie and john’s engagement party in ambler pa.. we didn’t know anyone else there so we were initially only going to stay a few hours.. but we ended up chatting w/another couple and stayed a little later than expected.. it was nice to see julie again though since she’s another one of my friends that i only get to see bi-anually since we’re so far apart..

tuesday started out normally until i went to the dr’s.. i have to monitor my blood sugar these days.. but now i have to also get a level two ultrasound just to double check something.. the information was vague and it was quite difficult to actually find someone i could go see |esp since we wanted the ultrasound done before we go away| but thankfully, we’re all set to see one on tuesday.. i know they just want to double check things, but pregnancy has been quite eventful for me so things out of the norm tend to really worry me.. please pray everything is ok..

anyway.. with all that going on and sam working 2nd shift this week, our anniversary was somewhat put in the backburner.. so happy anniversary, sam .. hopefully it will slow down a bit more when october comes..

lastly, it’s time for another poconos trip.. woo hoo!!! tomorrow, we’re meeting up w/my family at pocono valley for an overnighter .. it’s too bad it’s only one night.. but i’m really looking forward to it..

ps – happy early birthday to my kuya .. as well as to camille, who shares the same birthday and then to darielle and bunny |09.12|..

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  • ya i thot it was too short a trip to have done EVERYTHING that was offered! …hopefully next year it’ll be a bit better…it was nice tho wasn’t it? the weather was perfect!  we’re praying for you everyday te, am sure squigs is okey!

  • Hi Neng,
      I’ll make it a point to read up more on all your blogs, I just find the idea of blogs strange but i’m starting to change my view.  Anyway, I agree with Di that was a good trip even though it was cold and short. As I get older, the more I think things are speeding up too quickly and that I find even those short trips are a blessing and a good foundation to build memories, so I’m thankfull for the times I can spend with my family.  Anyway, I read up on squig’s observations and it seems its all pretty much precautionary, I trust that he will be a happy and healthy child.  I actaully spent the night at the cabin paraying for him as I fell asleep-woke up reapeatedly, feeling guilty for falling asleep and saying my prayers again, you know I go after most everything head on come what may but whenever I feel helpless about situations I feel better after praying.  Anyway I read up on your description of the situation and it looks to be fairly normal so just relax and not stress out.  Im sorry if I ask so many questions and may worry you more but without information I feel helpless.  Take good care of my newphew I’m looking forward to seeing him in January.    

  • hey steph…how did your dr’s appointment go?  hope everything went well…i’ve been working the past couple of days…i’ll give you a call soon

  • hey te, tell me when you’re going home so i can give you the heartbeat mic so you can record squig’s heartbeat as well as amplify your voice to your tummy.

  • You have been “tagged”! Check my site for details. I am sure you can come up with 5 at this stage without blinking.

    How are things in the home with the new arrangements?

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