August 30th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

A jedi’s development @ 19 weeks 4 days

Our little Jedi is 19 weeks and growing .. the half way mark.. and I must admit its getting more and more exciting.

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  • i can’t wait til squig’s born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  emma will not be spoiled as the only baby, but she’ll have a cousin her age to grow up with.  isn’t the growth of a baby amazing and fascinating?  it really is a miracle ksam.  we are all so excited for you!!  i’ve already started buying clothes for our squigs.

  • you better stack up on sleep/movies/dates … lots of dates … romantic ones/etc. because once that jedi comes out you’ll really wish that the force is with you.

    he he he.

  • so.. do you think squiggly looks more like you? or me?

  • yes sir! i’m all packed and ready to go lolz…

    and yea, nice pic of squiggly… i think he has your nose and steph’s eyebrows… hehehe….

  • You have been “tagged”! Deal with it. See my site for details. BTW, I tagged your girl to. HAHAHA!!!

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