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…tagged by Darkin

Rules of the game:  Post 5 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.  Also leave a post on their xanga to let these people know.

1.  Currently, I’ve gained 8 lbs during my pregnancy.. Only 104 days and another 16 lbs to go..

2.  According to my family, I’ve got “monkey” toes.. which my niece Emma has inherited.. sorry Emma..

3.  I can’t go to sleep easily before 11pm.  Must be from my days in university.

4.  I tend to get a little obssessive w/my hobbies.. watching asian dramas, designing websites, HGTV shows, movie “collecting”..

5.  Unforutnately for Sam, I will never be an avid sports fan.. can’t sit through a whole game esp if they only end up losing..

I’m tagging AznStarling, kyootypi, FMFabila, Swee7bebe, Sweetp1nai..

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  • ooo a game! i love games. i’ll play tomorrow!

  • hahaha, monkey toes. creepy.

  • aw meng….lolz…only 5 things??… LOLz

  • lolz..that’s what i figer… hehehe…

  • Glad you liked being tagged 😉

    This last weekend was Canada’s Wonderland second last weekend open. And I heard that next week will be very chilly. No I have not gone to “great adventure” I am not even sure where that is. I have been Cedar Point and Darien Lake, one was nice and the other was not as good but I can’t remember which was which. Whichever had the raptor. 😉

    If you want, I can get Bill to call him for old times sake 😉

  • yea…i jus do math club for the extra credit…but its interesting cuz we learn how to do everything easier

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