October 4th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

Post 5 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.  Also leave a post on their xanga to let these people know.

1.  I actually love my wife.

2.  I watch a lot of baseball and never get bored of it.

3.  I never liked random facts “tagging” games.

4.  I would be taken more seriously if I wasn’t so good looking.

5.  I have make believe arguments with myself when I drive.

I’m tagging The Donald, A-Bay, LilCutieDarielle4u, kitty_lhei, emma ababa

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  • love #4 ksam!!!!!!!!!!  that’s why i never take perze seriously either.

  • hahaha.. since when does emma have a blog.. wonder what she writes about.. today, i slept a little, played a little, and made mom do some funny things.. hahahaha..

  • Marchesa.. hehe.. that’s why Perze and I have to stick together.. just like all the pretty people in hollywood.. they hang out together.. this world is filled with too many ugly folks. =)

    Stephanie.. you making fun of Emma? She has productive blogs.. “Today was a weird day.. I had a bad case of eye crispies.. then I farted.. I giggled because it smelled like carrots.. but I don’t even know what carrots smell like.. The phone rang.. I would answer it.. but I am too busy swinging and can’t be bothered with it. Someone was at the door.. it was my dad.. he said something about crazy drivers.. and I wondered what he meant.. then mom went to talk with dad.. I cried.. she came running.. sucker… it works everytime.”

  • LOLS…ksam…you should write a book….the imagination is going to pass to squigley i hope!!


    by far one of the greatest blogs i have ever read!

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